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ANH Legends Proffie

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Part Number:JSANHLegendsProffie
At Last!  ANH LEGENDS is finally back for the legendary Proffie Board  Be a part of the epic fight between Vader and Obi in that infamous hangar bay.  This version is designed on a Proffie Board, for Proffie Boards.  (The use of this font in other boards may affect and vary the overall results and experience.)  You will experience the best, most organic smooth swinging experience thanks to the new smooth swing and accent swings sounds made exclusively for this font, no accuracy compromised!  Designed to be fully POLYPHONIC.  All the sounds for this font were remastered, enhanced and cleaned for this new edition, from scratch.  An all new, twelve minute background track that will make you feel like you are in that Hangar. Includes force effect sounds with dialogues from that epic fight sequence between Vader and Obi.  All the sounds were compiled and selected to achieve the most immersive and harmonious font experience.  1000 percent accurate!!   This font includes boots, accent swings, smooth swings, clashes, force effects, power ons and offs, stabs, blasters and more.  Bring the force to your saber.

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