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Americas First Avenger Tesseract Version

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Part Number:NV-AmericasFirstAvengerTesseract
Captain of the high school team only gets you so far.  It's time to step up, and STAND up against the evil reich of doom--in an on-going WAR that only biotechnology, secret formulas for metal and weapons and more can help fight...

...but only someone of pure heart, ethics and SOUL can win!

It could be you, but... do you dare?  Are you brave enough to be America's First Avenger?

Purchase Includes:  4 Blaster, 4 Boots, 16 Clashes, Color, 4 Combo, Font, Hum, Lockup, 4 Poweron, Poweronf, 4 Spin, 4 Stab, 16 Swing. 

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