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Anger and Lust for Power

Anger and Lust for Power

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Part Number:FF-AngerandLustforPowerCFX
Anger and Lust for Power is a unique and deep take on the fall of the chosen one and his final battle with his master. The voices and situations in this sound package are unexpected, but give a "new point of view" on the galaxy's greatest climatic battle. 2 versions available in this sound package. Introducing "theatrical", a folder which contains the font will all voices and extra sounds for a fully immersive experience..... and "traditional" a mode that lets you use your prop as a weapon only for an uninterrupted battle experience.  *** This font is polyphonic*** 

Purchase Includes: 3 tracks, 4 blaster, 4 boot, 17 clash, 1 color, 1 drag, 5 endlocks, font, 2 force, 4 hswing, 4 swing, humM1, lockup, 2 poweroff, poweronf, 4 poweron, 4 preon, 3 pstoff, 4 spin, 2 stab, 16 hybrid swings

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