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Chomper and Lancer

Your Price: $8.00
Part Number:AH-ChomperandLancerCFX
These two Smoothswing CFX soundfonts, Chomper and Lancer, are bundled together to bring pellet gobbling and avian lancing 80’s video game joy to your saber.  Yes, that’s two fonts for one reasonable price.

Purchase includes:
Chomper:  blaster-2, boot-8, clash-10, color-1, drag-1, endlock-3, font-3, force-4, hswing-4, humM-3, lockup-1, lswing-4, poweroff-5, poweron-2, preon-7, pstoff-4, stab-3, swing-10.
Lancer:  blaster-3, boot-5, clash-10, drag-1, endlock-3, font-1, force-2, hswing-4, humM5, lockup-1, lswing-4, poweroff-2, poweron-2, preon-8, pstoff-7, swing-21.  

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