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Part Number:AH-CorruptorCFX
Long before a darkside emperor ruled the galaxy, a darkside king ruled a planet.  The Corruptor Smoothswing font for CFX disinters that long-forgotten king so he may tempt you with threats, praises, insults, and promises of power.  Ideal for darkside users, and for troubled lightside users needing a push in the wrong direction.  This darkside spectre’s font has a fiery bite with hellish, ethereal flourishes. 

Purchase Includes:  blaster (deflect)-3 / blaster (spoken)-8, boot-11, clash-16, drag-1, endlock-12, font-3, force-4, hswing-8, lswing-8, humM-3, lockup-2 (with and without voice), poweron-6, poweroff-6, spin-4, stab-6, swing-21.  Story-rich and packed with sinister flavor, Corruptor also comes with oodles of preons and pstoffs.

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