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Part Number:PF-DS2
DS2 is a massive font package based on the climactic duel between father and son upon the massive second battle station.
It features swing, clash, poweron, poweroff, pre-on, post-off, spin, stab, boot, font, force, combo, and lockup effects
sourced straight from the film (with the exception of some poweron/off effects), and has an accurate and dynamic hum
procured from archival audio samples, making it beyond screen accurate.

Extra audio files provide a dynamic and unique experience for the user to craft a custom saber sound font to
their liking. I encourage users to listen to all of the sound effects, since a good bit of them are interchangeable!
font.wav makes a great boot sound, for example.

16 Blaster
12 Boot
22 Clash
5 Combo
1 Font
2 Force
1 Hum
3 Lockup
9 Poweroff
3 Pre On
12 Poweron
9 Post Off
4 Spin
2 Stab
20 Swing

Thank you for your support!

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