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Dark Lords Awakened

Dark Lords Awakened

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What if all the Dark Lords throughout the history of the galaxy were to exist together, form a council and make YOU their apprentice? Let your saber tell the story of how you served them all! File Includes: blaster.wav blaster2.wav blaster3.wav blaster4.wav boot.wav boot2.wav boot3.wav boot4.wav clash1.wav clash10.wav clash11.wav clash12.wav clash13.wav clash14.wav clash15.wav clash16.wav clash2.wav clash3.wav clash4.wav clash5.wav clash6.wav clash7.wav clash8.wav clash9.wav color.wav combo1.wav combo2.wav combo3.wav combo4.wav font.wav force.wav force2.wav hum.wav lockup.wav poweroff.wav poweron.wav poweron2.wav poweron3.wav poweron4.wav poweronf.wav pwroff2.wav spin1.wav spin2.wav spin3.wav spin4.wav stab1.wav stab2.wav stab3.wav stab4.wav swing1.wav swing10.wav swing11.wav swing12.wav swing13.wav swing14.wav swing15.wav swing16.wav swing2.wav swing3.wav swing4.wav swing5.wav swing6.wav swing7.wav swing8.wav swing9.wav

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