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EP8 Breathe

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Part Number:NV-Ep8Breathe
This is one of many of my "AHCH-TO" inspired sound fonts with ambient music mixed in.  This font is based on our new female heros experiences on the Island with the Hermit master.  This font has actual sounds of Puffin Birds that are common to the area of Ireland that the movie was filmed at.  

Its been a joy and pleasure creating these for the community, mtfbwy.  

Purchase Includes: 4 Blaster Effects ,4 Boot  ,16 Clashes , 2 Force Effects , 1 Hum , 1 Lockup, 2 Power off's , 4 Power On's, 1 Forward Power On, 16 Swings, 4 Combos, 1 Font, 4 Spins, 4 Stabs.  

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