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When you purchase a font from you receive a downloadable link.   This link will only be available for 72 hours from time of purchase.  Please download your fonts and back up your fonts as soon as possible.  We do not offer refunds or reissue font links.  

1.  What boards are compatible with fonts found at ?  

Saberfont sound fonts are ONLY compatible with various versions of Plecter and Naigon (NEC) saber and blaster soundboards.  Sound fonts found on are NOT compatible with off brand boards and are not supported.  

2.  How do I know which font to purchase for my board?  

The fonts with the green thumbnails with the Plecter toaster image are compatible with Plecter products.  
The fonts with the red thumbnails with the Naigon NEC image are compatible with NEC products.  

3. How do I install the fonts? 

Here is a helpful link to a video produced by Madcow of Genesis Custom Sabers (one of our font contributors) on how to install fonts on a Crystal Shard 2.5 equipped saber   

Please see the product manual of your soundboard if you have further questions. 

4.  How do I contact saberfont via email ? 

You can reach us at [email protected] 

5.  I purchased a font and the download link did not work or I did not receive an emailed link, what do I do? 

There are two ways to retrieve your downloads.  One is via the email that is automatically sent, if you do not have access to your email or if for whatever reason it does not arrive, you can log in to your account from the main page. Once you log in look for "Track your recent orders" and click on "View Details" that will take you to the order details where you can click on and retrieve your links.  Remember, these links expire after 72 hours.  

Contact Saberfont at [email protected] or via the website Contact Us link for further assistance.  


PLEASE BE AWARE;  These products only work with Plecter Labs  and NEC soundboards.  Compatibility is the buyers responsibility and no support will be provided for users attempting to purchase these products for use with boards by other companies.  

No refunds.  


We at take font piracy very seriously and we ask that you continue to support our font makers by purchasing them through   Please take a moment to watch this video produced by Madcow of Genesis Custom Sabers.