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Part Number:SH-FateSaberPlecter
Wield the mighty sword of the hero of Arthurian legend as you vanquish your foes and achieve victory! This custom sound font also includes optional swing, clash, blaster, and lockup files with battle grunts and shouts for a more immersive experience. Available for both NEC and Plecter Labs soundboards.

Purchase Includes:
4 blaster, 2 boot, 16 clash, 1 color, 2 combo, 1 force, 1 hum, 1 lockup, 2 poweroff, 5 poweron, 4 spin, 4 stab, 16 swing
-(optional dialogue files) 4 blaster, 11 clash, 1 color, 1 lockup, 1 stab, 13 swing

Suggested Settings: qon=100

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