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Fractured Knight

Fractured Knight

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Part Number:TF-FracturedKnightNEC
The crossguard saber of the Fractured Knight contains a cracked crystal that mirrors the heart of its owner.  Besought between his heritage and the power he craves, the Fractured Knight struggles to hold himself together. 

Purchase Includes: 
4 Blaster Effects , 16 Clashes , 1 Hum , 1 Lockup, 2 Power off's (in files) , 5 Power On's (out files), 16 Swings, 1 Font,  1 DualA01 file, 1 DualAB01 file, 4 Slash, 7 Smsh files, Extra file with: 4 Boots,  boot_ALT, poweroff_ALTFinn, Poweron_ALTcrossguard, poweron_ALTFinn, 2 spin files. 

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