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Fresh Optimism

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Part Number:TP-FreshOptimismProffie
A new smoothswing font inspired by the very first movie. This font aims to accurately capture the sound of the original saber, the first time we saw it on screen. In addition to the standard font, Fresh Optimism also features 4 sub-fonts, matched to each scene in the movie featuring a saber: Ben’s Hut - When Luke first receives the weapon in Ben's Hut. Cantina - When Ben is forced to draw his blade in a bar brawl. Training Exercises aboard the Falcon - When Luke is learning to wield his father's blade and takes his first step into a larger world. Vader Duel - When Former Student and Former Master cross blades aboard the Battle Station. Each of these sub-fonts feature scene specific sounds, effects and voices, and have either a specific music track or ambient background.

The font consists of: 5 Font Names (Standard and one for each sub-font) 27 Boot sounds (Several from each scene) 9 Blaster Blocks (Including two scene specific) 13 Clashes 19 Accurate Hum sounds (Scene specific ones include effects) 7 Ignitions (Including 2 scene specific with effects) 7 Retractions (Including 2 scene specific with effects) Saber Lockup sound with Endlock 4 Smoothswing Pairs Theme Music/Ambient Soundbeds for each sub-font

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