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Graflex VIII CFX Edition

Your Price: $12.00
Part Number:JSGraflexVIIICFX
It's finally here!  The best and most accurate saberfont inspired by Episode 7 Graflex sabers in the galaxy! 

Designed on a Crystal Focus X board, for Crystal Focus X boards.   You will experience the best, most organic smoothswing experience thanks to the new smooth swing and accent swings made exclusively for this font.  Designed to be fully POLYPHONIC.  All the sounds for this font were remastered, enhanced and cleaned for this new edition from scratch.  All the sounds were compiled and selected to achieve the most immersive and harmonious font experience possible.  

This font now includes a sub folder with a different hum, smoothswings, accent swings etc with the scene where our hero trains next to the weird rock in that forsaken Island in Ep 7.
It also includes her theme that puts you right in the action. And by action I mean menacingly swinging your saber to a rock, but hey it sounds really really cool!

Purchase Includes: 4 blaster, 4 boots, 16 clash, color, 4 endlock, font, 2 force, 4 hswing, hum, lockup, 4 lswing, 4 poweron, poweronf, 4 poweroff, 4 spin, 4 stab, 16 swing

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