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Grand Legacy

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Part Number:FF-GrandLegacyPlecter
"From the heart of the Old Republic comes the saber sounds of the Grand Master. Now available for the latest boards from NEC and Plecter Labs, Grand Legacy captures enhanced swings, clashes, quotes and many other features of the hilt used by the master herself, all with the Fourzze flavor. Dive into SWTOR with Grand Legacy!  

Now updated for CFX ! Both versions will be included in purchase or update.  (Two Files) 

Purchase Includes: 
blaster-4, boot-2, clash-21, color, drag, endlock-3, font, force-2, hswing-4, lswing-4, humM1, lockup, poweroff-2, poweron-3, poweronf, preon-1, pstoff-2, spin-4, stab-4, swing(or hybrid swings)-16

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