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Part Number:MC-HeroCFX
One of the first soundfonts I felt I really nailed. It took me FOREVER to engineer the hum, and the retraction from  Luke's saber.  You may recognize the similar sound of the  blaster block sound from the scene in the forest chase scene. This is the sound font of choice on my personal  V2 saber.

Now Upgraded and Optimized for CFX and Smooth Swing Compatible.  

CFX fonts are backwards compatible for previous versions of Plecter boards but previous board's will be limited to their functionality and ignore CFX specific files.  CFX fonts are also compatible with most * Smooth Swing Open Source boards.  

Purchase Includes: 4 Blaster, boot, 16 clash, color, 4 combo, 4 endlock, font, 2 force, 4 hswing, hum, lockup, 4 lswing, 4 poweron, 2 poweroff, poweronf, 4 spin, 4 stab, 16 swing.  

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