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Infinity Gauntlet of the Ancients

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Part Number:NV-InfinityGauntletoftheAncients
Master your fate... your destiny... the world... the very UNIVERSE!  Control time, thought, power and more... all in the palm of your hand.  Many gemstones of great power have brought to you a level of control over all beings in the universe that was previously unknown.  But... can you survive and contain this phenomenal, cataclysmic power and boundless energy within your own soul and mind?  Only the strongest of all faculties--mind, muscle, magic, and more--will triumph.  Else... the gauntlet will take it from you!

Novastar's all-new, awesome and imaginative incarnation of none other than the "Infinity" Gauntlet!  Wield it... if you dare...

Purchase Includes: 4 Blaster, 4 Boot, 16 Clash, 1 Color, 4 Combo, 1 Font, 2 Force, Hum, Lockup, 2 Poweroff, 4 Poweron, 1 Poweronf, 1 Preon, 1 Pstoff, 4 Spin, 4 Stab, 16 Swing

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