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Inigo M The Legend

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Revenge is your business?  Hunting for the 7-toed woman who killed your uncle's father 20+ years ago?  Looks like you're in luck, even though you've been recently run through a few times and on the brink of passing into the realms beyond... because your father is giving you strength FROM beyond!

So... real talk from the creator: "Here's a sound font I've been wanting to do for a very, very long time, since... along with "Cyrano", it was one of my very first fight choreography pieces that I re-created back in high school... the projects that started it ALL with my commitment to re-creating film battles on stage... :)

Many believe that I've only done Star Wars inspired live fights... not true!  Fencing and actual sword work has been one of my main passions (and sources of work) for over a decade and a half now.

Enjoy, and I hope you must never lose your father to the 7-toed woman, OR any overly multi-fingered men.

Purchase Includes: 4 Blaster, 4 Boot, 16 Clash, Color, Font, 2 Force, Hum, Lockup, Poweroff, Pwroff2, 4 Poweron, Poweronf, 2 Preon, 2 Pstoff, 4 Spin, 4 Stab, 16 Swing   

Extras Folder - Various quotes and sound affects.  

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