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Part Number:TF-IrradiatedPlecter
An unidentified Earth in the multiverse has suffered a tremendous loss.  Once a technologically advanced society with conservative values reminiscent of the 1950's, robots, androids, and humans lived together.  Just like our Earth, man has developed weapons that split atoms and cause massive damage and radioactive fallout.  You have survived by investing in an underground shelter with self-sustaining resources.  After twenty years, you decide to once again venture above ground.  The surface is filled with raiders, murderers and mutants!  Grab your geiger counter and Survive at all cost!

Purchase Includes: 4 Blaster Effects 4 Boot  ,16 Clashes , 2 Force Effects , 1 Hum , 1 Lockup, 2 Power off's , 4 Power On's, 1 Forward Power On, 16 Swings, 4 Combo, 4 Spins, 4 Stabs. 

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