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Last Line of Defense

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Part Number:FF-LastLineofDefensePROFFIE
You are the Last Line of Defense against the onslaught of Dark Acolytes.  As, one of the last Light Side Masters, take on the Dark Lord in a final confrontation with a legendary saber.  Inspired by the epic defense of the temple during the Old Republic battle! 

Purchase Includes:

PROFFIE VERSION- Directories include: blast, boot, clsh, drag, endlock, font, force, hum. in, lock, out, spin, stab, swingh, swingl, swng

Updated 2/17/2020 

All optional and vocalized files (preon, pstoff, etc)  are now in the respective "extras" folders in each version. "As-is" files are weapon-only.

Additional fixes:
1. Fixed a quiet smoothswing pair
2. Added a couple new Preons and Powerons

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