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New Trilogy Graflex VII HD

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Part Number:PF-NewTrilogyGraflexVIIHD

CF9 ready!


Take possession of the legendary Graflex saber as it first appears in the newest trio of films. This is one of the most accurate "new trilogy" Graflex fonts, if not the most. This expansive font package contains over 200 sound effects, and the original “New Trilogy Graflex” font package.


Additional scene-based pre-on, boot, post-off, poweron, and poweroff effects are included to give you the most immersive Graflex experience to date. 

Purchase Includes: 13 Blaster, 46 Boot, 21 Clash, Color, 5 Combo, 8 Endlock, 3 Font, 17 Force, Hum, 5 Lockup, Plus, Minus, 14 Poweroff, 29 Poweron, 12 Preonm 2 Postoff, 4 Spin, 4 Stab, 16  Swing 

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