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Pitch Black Evolution

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Part Number:LBPitchBlack
Darkness return... 
4 Years after Pitch Black, there is the next step in evolution.  Even darker, even more sinister.  The font is defined by a crackling hum sound and dark techy swings.  

Purchase Includes:  
The Original "Pitch Black" Legacy Plecter Version (CS, NB, Prizm etc) 
CFX  Evolution Version 
Proffie Evolution  OS Version  

4 Blaster Effects, 4 Boot sounds, 16 Clash effects, 6 Force effects, 1 Hum sound, 1 Lockup effect, 1 Drag effect, 2 Poweroff sounds, 5 Poweron sounds, 16 Swing sounds, 8 Smooth Swing pairs, 4 Spin sounds, 4 Stab sounds, 4 Bgndrag / start drag, 4 Endrag, 1 Color sound menu, 1 Font menu sound.  

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