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Praetorian Red Guard

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Part Number:NV-PraetorianRedguard
My own take on a "Crimson Guard", Praetorian  style sound font for custom sabers.  The sounds  are of my own imagination, take, and design (much like ALL of my fonts).  It also includes an entire additional set of 16 clashes--which are optional, but there just the same.

Other fonts that I've made in the past that have a similar feel would be "Necrovolt", "Plasma Sword", "ElectroStaff" and a few others such as Nano Deus Tachi and ResBlade... some of which I've updated for 16 swings, 16 clashes and so on recently.

Purchase Includes: 4 Blaster Effects ,2 Boot  ,16 Clashes , 2 Force Effects , 1 Hum , 1 Lockup, 2 Power off's , 4 Power On's, 1 Forward Power On, 16 Swings, 4 Combos, 1 Font, 4 Spins, 4 Stabs.  Alternate file of clashes 

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