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Proxima Centauri

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Part Number:ZO-ProximaCentauriProffie
Take a sonic journey through celestial space to the nearest star to our Sun.  Inspired by my love for synths, outer space and all things future; I wanted to create something I hadn’t yet seen in a saber sound font.  Optimized for Proffie with Smoothswing

Proffie package includes: 5 blasters, 1 boot, 10 clashes, 2 configs, 1 drag, 4 endlocks, 1 font, 3 force, 1 hum, 1 lockup, 4 powerons, 2 poweroffs, 16 accent swings, and 2 different variants of smooth swing. It comes default with 6 pairs and the Alternate pairs folder includes 8.

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