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Ragnarok - Ancient Relics Proffie

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An Ancient weapon, reminiscent of older times, when a great war was fought between powerful warriors that came from advanced civilizations. We think of them as Gods of ancient times. The all classic good vs evil - with a high tech twist.  With this font I wanted to get the feel of the first lightsabers that could have existed and that belonged to super natural warriors. And while there is inspiration in SWTOR, iIwanted to make the spectrum wider so this font can be used on other, different hilts that aren't necessarily SW related.  Ragnarok represents the evil warlords that wanted to end it all. That fought not for peace, but for chaos and destruction.  Bassy, dark, moody. Your saber will feel as it has been embodied by a powerful dark lord.  

This font is SMOOTHSWING READY. With blasters, accent swings, endlocks, drag sound… Everything you will need to turn your awesome saber into an ancient relic.

This “Ancient Relics” will be a series of fonts with the same idea, so stay tuned for more editions.

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