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Part Number:KSReflexCFXandProffie
The Graflex returns! Closely replicated from the film, this font really gives the full experience of Ep IX. Includes 2 separate fonts. One folder is for Rey, which includes training droid blasters, iconic sequel trilogy swings and ignitions, and her set of boot sounds. The other folder is for the newly redeemed Ben. Based off of the higher pitched/energized swings when he faces off against the knights. The font extras are a few tracks, lightning deflection, quotes, and blaster choices.

Purchase Includes: CFX font, Open Source font, 12 Blaster Effects ,10+ Boots  ,16 Clashes , 5 Force Effects , 1 Hum , 1 Lockup, 1 Drag, 2 Power offs , 7 Powerons, 4 SmoothSwing Pairs, 16 swings,  4 spins, 4 stabs, 4 bgnlocks, 4 endlocks, 4 bgndrags, 4 enddrags, 7 tracks

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