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 Set in an alternative universe during an ancient civilization, force users were not governed by a overarching council.  The force is not split at this time, but rather all techniques were approved including powers describe by others as dark.  Ze'rik a lone warrior on his planet, discovered his wife (Zannaha) to be kidnaped by a band of unholy Spirits (the Rephaim).  The Rephaim carried off Zannaha to their underground kingdom tunneled meters below the surface.  Ze'rik arms himself with his green saber and a variety of slug throwers, pushes aside the stone door guarding the entrance to the Rephaims’ home and drops to the stone floor.. . .


Force sounds include - force lightning and a force throw

Blaster sounds are different in this font - this is actually Ze’rik firing at his enemies and include a shotgun blast and a few pistol shots.

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