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Rey's First Steps Music Ambient Version

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Part Number:NV-ReysFirstSteps
"Something... has always been there ... Weve seen this raw power in fonts only once before....These are your first steps.  A sound font inspired by our new female hero's first steps into a greater world of understanding of a new world around her as she explores the island with the reluctant hero.  

Purchase Includes: 4 Blaster Effects ,4 Boot  ,16 Clashes , 2 Force Effects , 1 Hum , 1 Lockup, 2 Power off's , 4 Power On's, 1 Forward Power On, 16 Swings, 4 Combos, 1 Font, 4 Spins, 4 Stabs. And a full set of alternative less layered swings.  

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