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Saber of Ice and Fire

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Part Number:NV-SaberofIceandFire
Wield your only chance at survival in the world of Game of Thrones... LongClaw. A Saber of Ice & Fire, it's magical properties are your only hope at beating the odds of dealing with the undead... the frost creatures... and winter itself! May luck and light shine on you, King of the North!
Special thanks to Anthony LaGuipa on this one (SpaceWindu)... it was a pleasure to develop this one over a period of a few months, and end up with something really fantastic for GoT fans and saber fans alike!
Visit Anthony's channel here:
As you may imagine, this is our take on what "LongClaw" might sound like--a sword with mystical and/or magical properties, and also, having it give the "Game of Thrones" feel to the wielder. Enjoy, and... PREPARE FOR WINTER, SOLDIER!!

Purchase Includes: 4 Blaster, 16 Clash, 1 Color, 4 Combo, 1 Font, 2 Force, 1 Hum, 1 Lockup, 1 Poweroff, 4 Poweron , 1 Forward Poweron, 4 Spin, 4 Stab, 16 Swing

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