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Samurai Jedai

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What if Samurai warriors used sabers of light? What if Bruise Lee discovered the force through Jeet Kune Do? Those are the questions I seek to answer.

This sound font celebrates;  The Shaolin Temple and your inner chi, as you fly through the branches of bamboo trees. We’re talkin’ Saturday night and Kung Fu flicks--with wooden chucks and roundhouse kicks. You're payin’ homage to the Kumite and Japanese Karate—with smooth swing pairs straight into the body. Then you’ll be usin’ the force, and throwing stars, to defeat your opponents in small town bars.  So break out your Gi, and your ninja skills, and fire up your saber for acoustic thrills.

Sound Font Includes 68 files. 

4 tracks, 6 blasters, 16 clash, 2 endlock, 3 smoothswing pairs, 1 preon, 5 pstoff, 4 force, 4 stab, 12 accent swings, power on and off, color, font, boot and polyphonic hum

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