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Sidious No Mercy

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Part Number:XX-SidiousNoMercyCFX
Now updated to CFX ! 

Designed to be the ultimate smooth swing audio representation of the Dark Emperor as seen television series. Inspired by the sounds of the series mixed with creative additions, mastered to create a seamless experience. Become one with the power of the greatest Dark Sider of all time: The Emperor - Sidious.

There are 3 preconfigured versions of the font included. The first is the default, the second has more classic styled saber smooth swing sounds, and the third is a vocalized version of the font.

Complete with all CFX sounds: HSwing, LSwing, Combo, Spin, Stab, Color, PrePowerOn, and PostPowerOff, Endlock, etc.

38 extra sounds to customize your Sidious experience (with & without speech/vocalization).

Since Sidious is THE master of force lightning, many blaster sounds have been replaced with force lightning sounds - in fact, there are a total of 14 variants of force lightning to choose from (variation in length, timber, content, and vocalization).

Real blaster sounds are included as well.

This soundfont was created specifically to maximize all features of the Crystal Focus X and is also compatible with most other Plecter Labs boards including with Crystal Focus (V5 and above), Earlier CF variants, Petit Cruton, PRIZM, Crystal Shard, and Nano Biscotte.

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