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Skeletor Bonehead

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"Witless fools... do I have to do EVERYthing for you?  Witness the power of the ultimate bone-head--Skeletor himself!  Snickering with giddy evil and short-sightedness, Skeletor has long been one of the most entertaining animated villains of all time.  A giant homage and thanks to Alan Oppenheimer--the voice of Skeletor in the original MOTU series (who was also "Man at arms" / Duncan, and many other characters in the series).  Just remember... Skeletor doesn't take too kindly to bumbling, fur-brained fools...

This font comes with BOTH "non-vocal" and "vocal" options.  Skeletor snickers and giggles away, chiding his enemies via the "Extras" folder... or... it remains your own choice to cackle away on your own with the default sound package."

Purchase Includes:  4 Blaster, 4 Boots, 16 Clashes, Color, 4 Combo, Font, 2 Force, Hum, Lockup, Poweroff, 4 Poweron, 1 Poweroff2, 2 Preon, 2 Pstoff, 4 Spin, 4 Stab, 16 Swing 

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