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Spitfire CFX

Your Price: $7.00
Part Number:MC-Spitfire
This is what I imagine a light side saber would sound like with a fractured crystal. It's unstable and aggressive. Similar to Kylo's saber, but with a light, pure feel. It has subtle secondary ignition sounds for those who are using it in a saber with vents or cross guard blades.  Now updated to CFX ! 

Purchase Includes: 4 Blaster, Boot, 16 Clash, Color, Drag, 4 Endlock, 4 Enddrag,   2 Fclash, 4 Force, 5 hswing, hum, 5 Lswing, 4 Poweron, 1 Fpower, 2 Poweroff, 4 Spin, 4 Stab, 16 Swing 

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