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Super Metroid Brinstar 01

Your Price: $7.99
Part Number:NV-SMBrinstar01
This game was one of my favorites as a young adult... and as a young child, METROID on the NES captured my attention in so many ways...

The immersive nature of the music... graphics... sound... gameplay... maze-like environments--and the wonderful twist at the end of the game that your hero character was indeed female!  AWESOME!

If you love Metroid in general... you'll ADORE these 4 versions of my sound work on it!

Purchase Includes:  4 Blaster, 4 Boots, 16 Clashes, Color, 4 Combo, Font, Hum, Lockup, 4 Poweron, Poweronf, 4 Spin, 4 Stab, 16 Swing.

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