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Super Metroid

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Part Number:XS-SuperMetroidCFX
Updated for CFX with smooth swing! Now you can use the font over your favorite Super Metroid in game tracks =)

Best video game ever? Maybe! Tried to keep the spirit of the game in this font. Enjoy!

Poweron = Samus Born, New Item, Door Open, Charge, Mixed Intro Sound
Poweroff = Samus Die, Door close
Clash = All blast and special variants (Spazer, Plasma, Wave, Ice)
Swing = Movement (Jumps, Spins) 
Force = Power Bomb and Bomb Array
Spin = Screw Attack and Charge
Lockup = Shinespark
Stab = Blast + additional in game battle sounds
Combo = Visit in game theme audio
Menu Background = Item room
Tracks = Brinstar, Crateria, Maridia, Norfair, Station, and more!
Font = Metroid
Boot = 6 mini audio selections

This soundfont was created specifically to maximize features of the Crystal Focus V10 and is also compatible with most other Plecter Labs boards including with Crystal Focus (V5 and above), Petit Cruton, PRIZM, Crystal Shard, and Nano Biscotte.

*** This is a very large file, so please allow time to download*** 

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