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Super Metroid

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Part Number:XS-SuperMetroidOSProf
Updated for Open Source boards with Smoothswing! Now you can use the font over your favorite Super Metroid in game tracks =)

Best video game ever? Maybe! Tried to keep the spirit of the game in this font. Enjoy!

Poweron = Samus Born, New Item, Door Open, Charge, Mixed Intro Sound
Poweroff = Samus Die, Door close
Clash = All blast and special variants (Spazer, Plasma, Wave, Ice)
Swing = Movement (Jumps, Spins) 
Force = Power Bomb and Bomb Array
Spin = Screw Attack and Charge
Lockup = Shinespark
Stab = Blast + additional in game battle sounds
Combo = Visit in game theme audio
Menu Background = Item room
Tracks = Brinstar, Crateria, Maridia, Norfair, Station, and more!
Font = Metroid
Boot = 6 mini audio selections

This soundfont was created specifically to maximize features of Open Source boards like Proffie 

*** This is a very large file, so please allow time to download*** 

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