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The Classic Villain

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Step into the shoes of sci-fi's most iconic and recognized villain. Experience the aggression while you dominate your rebel adversaries. This all encompassing evil font package is heavily inspired by the Dark Lords most brutal and unforgiving moments throughout his "twisted and evil career". Become "more machine than man" with The Classic Villain. Now for proffie and CFX. This font is Polyphonic.

Package includes both CFX and Proffie versions!

CFX- 4 blaster, boot, 17 clash,  color,  drag, 2 force, 4 hswing, 4 lswing,  lockup, 2 poweroffs, 6 powerons, poweronf, 4 spins, 3 stabs, 21 swings, humM1, font,  boot, endlock
*Extras Folder contains optional files: 4 boots, 1 clash, 5 endlocks, 1 hum, 1 lockup, 1 stab, 4 swings (use these for more fun!)

Proffie: same as CFX but named for Proffie and in directories.

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