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The Dark Wraith

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Part Number:TheDarkWraithCFXProffie
A CFX/Proffie Smoothswing Font inspired by the terrifying stories about Vader in the book "Star Wars - Myths & Fables" written by George Mann.

"All who witnessed it described him as a figure of purest shadow, emerging from the darkness like a nightmare given flesh. His face was terrible, eyeless visage, and his arm burned red like the fires of hate, humming with terrible, exotic power. The sound that accompanied his passing was like no other sound in the galaxy - half machine, half man, like the rush of air before an explosion, like the universe itself drawing breath."

Purchase Includes -  CFX Version and ProffeOS Version 

8 Blaster effects, 1 boot sound, 32 clash effects, 6 Force effects, 1 hum, 1 lockup, 1 drag, 2 poweroff, 5 poweron, 40 swing, 8 smoothswing pairs, 4 spin, 4 stab, 4 bgndrag start drag, 4 bgnlock / startlock, 4 enddrag, 4 endlock, 1 color, 1 font menu, 1 ambiance track.  

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