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The Knight and the Dragon

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Part Number:LBTheKnightandtheDragonCFXProffie
A CFX/Proffie Smoothswing Font inspired by the story about Obi-Wan Kenobi and the Krayt Dragon on Tatooine in the book "Star Wars - Myths & Fables" written by George Mann.

"The old knight had raised his hand above his head, his palm held out toward the dragon, mere centimeters from where its tapered snout hovered. The villagers held their breaths. The night had grown suddenly still. The old knight's blade flickered once, then blinked out. Then the dragon exhaled gently, issuing a content sigh, before lowering itself slowly to the ground. Like a Loth-wolf pup before its mother, the dragon Krayt prostrated itself before the knight, its head coming to rest on the sand by his feet."

Purchase Includes: Plecterlabs CFX Version ProffieOS Version,8 Blaster Effects, 1 Boot Sound, 32 Clash Effects, 6 Force Effects, 1 Hum Sound, 1 Lockup Effect, 1 Drag Effect, 2 Poweroff Sounds,5 Poweron Sounds, 40 Swing Sounds, 8 SmoothSwing Pairs, 4 Spin Sounds, 4 Stab Sounds, 4 Bgndrag/Startdrag Effects, 4 Bgnlock/Startlock Effects, 4 Enddrag Effects, 4 Endlock Effects, 1 Color Sound, 1 Font Menu Sound, 1 Ambiance Track

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