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The Lesson of Betrayal

The Lesson of Betrayal

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Part Number:TheLessonofBetrayalPlecter
Inspired by one of the deepest and greatest dark lords of the expanded universe...The Lesson of Betrayal is a font package that grants the user a sense of emanating dark piercing energy that puts you at the core of Malachor V.  Revisit KOTOR 2 with The Lesson of Betrayal. 

Purchase Includes: 
16 swings and clashes, 4 boot, 5 poweron, 2 poweroff, 1 menu, 4 spins, 4 stab, 4 combo. 4 preon, 4 pstoff, 1 plus, 1 minus, 1 menu, 1 font, 2 force, 1 lockup, 1 hum, 4 blaster, 1 color

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