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The Oldest Padawan

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Part Number:FF-TheOldestPadawanCFX
Take command as the evil Separatist leader to cut down any and all Republic adversaries. Available in both Traditional and Theatrical.  A polyphonic font optimized for CFX and now includes the Proffie version as well in the same purchase. 

Purchase Includes: 
4 blaster, 2 boot, 16 clash, color, drag, 4 endlock, font, 2 force, 4 hswing, humM1, lockup, 4 lswing, 2 poweroff, 3 poweron, poweronf, 4 preon, 2 pstoff, 4 spin, 3 stab, 17 swing

Update 2/17/2020 
All optional and vocalized files (preon, pstoff, etc)  are now in the respective "extras" folders in each version. "As-is" files are weapon-only.

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