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Tried and True

Tried and True

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Part Number:FF-TriedandTrueNEC
The saber that started it all. Through several hands, serving intentions for light and for darkness, it lives on, continuing to shine blue, proving itself.....Tried and True Now available for NEC and Plecter Labs boards.
Folder Includes: blst01.wav blst02.wav blst03.wav blst04.wav clsh01.wav clsh02.wav clsh03.wav clsh04.wav clsh05.wav clsh06.wav clsh07.wav clsh08.wav clsh09.wav clsh10.wav clsh11.wav clsh12.wav clsh13.wav clsh14.wav clsh15.wav clsh16.wav dual.wav font01.wav font02.wav font03.wav font04.wav fx.wav hum01.wav in01.wav in02.wav lock01.wav lock02.wav out01.wav out02.wav out03.wav out04.wav slsh01.wav slsh02.wav slsh03.wav slsh04.wav swng01.wav swng02.wav swng03.wav swng04.wav swng05.wav swng06.wav swng07.wav swng08.wav swng09.wav swng10.wav swng11.wav swng12.wav swng13.wav swng14.wav swng15.wav swng16.wav

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