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Zelda Breath of the Wild CFX

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Part Number:JSZeldaBreathOfTheWildCFX
Be part of the adventure!

This smoothswing ready, ZELDA BREATH OF THE WILD sound font will take you right to Hyrule and turn your beloved saber into a magical, mystical Master Sword to fight Ganon and his evil creatures.  This sound font includes all the sounds you will need for the adventure: powerons Clashes , accent swings, smoothswings, several force sounds, the blasters are many special sounds taken from the game, lockup, drag effect...

This font also includes iconic Majora’s Mask sounds.  Also, six awesome music tracks are included.
Not only that, but seven awesome tracks are included so you feel more immersed than ever.

Poner tracks

It’s dangerous to go outside, so take this font and off to the adventure!

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